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Sendai Era is a Seattle based music duo of emcee Era and producer Sendai Mike. Their music combines electronic pop elements with hip hop and aims to highlight the experiences of Asian American artists while focusing on the overlooked stories of immigrant communities.


“With LAKAS, Sendai Era rises to the challenge: He steps into a bold, vulnerable space of autobiography and activism, recounting his family’s departure from the Philippines and relocation to the U.S. and his own personal struggles with coming of age as the child of immigrants in America. The music is devastatingly heartfelt; songs like “Represent” and “Mountains” go beyond confessional and sound as if Era is defining his own personal mythology, explaining himself to himself more so than anyone else. As listeners, it’s a privilege to be let in.”

-Jonathan Zwickel, City Arts Magazine

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album release show

In July 2018 Sendai Era performed their recently released album “Lakas” to a sold out crowd at Crocodile Backbar. The show featured artists Nic Masangkay and Theomatic and was Hosted by Prometheus Brown


Seattle Art Museum REMIX 2017 At Olympic Sculpture Park

Seattle Asian American Film Festival 2017 Opening night party at Egyptian theater w The Flavr Blue and Navvi and Troy Osaki.

Chinatown International District Block Party 2016 w Akwafina, Kero One, Sean Wasabi